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Found a rock at the zoo!

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Zoo Revisted: Part 2

Kristi sent me some pictures that she took from our visit to the zoo. The first picture is a really cute one of Nyla. She had a lot of fun that day, walking and crawling all over the place. It was really hot out that day, the gauge in the car was reading 97F when […]

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Zoo revisited

Hopefully Kristi has some more pictures of Nyla’s trip to the zoo. This is a picture taken in front of the camel exhibit. There was a baby camel there, but either it was too hot or I was just too lazy to snap a picture of it.

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Zoo time!

Nyla made her second visit to the Milwaukee Zoo this past weekend. Aunt Kristi and Uncle Chris came along and Nyla really enjoyed the primate exhibit, especially the spider-monkey that was swinging hand-to-tail across the cage. She really is starting to walk more on her own now as well, taking multple steps without prompting. Very […]

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