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Kareena will be 3 in 2009

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Welcome baby Ryan!

Kareena and Nyla received a bright, healthy baby cousin. Ryan Charles Dungee was born on September 27, 2008. The girls were so excited to meet him. Below are a couple of videos of the cousins first meeting. Congratulations to Conne and Kevin on your beautiful baby boy! Below it is Nyla holding Ryan. Below is […]

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Happy Summer 2008!

Hope everyone’s summer is going along great. We love our new house and our new neighborhood. We are having so much fun this summer with the girls.

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New Pictures of the Girls

Check out new pictures of the girls. These were taken recently at their school playground.

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Belated Happy Birthdays!!

Here is a belated posting of the girls recent birthday party! Nyla is now 3 years old and Kareena is 1! The girls had a great time at the party. They had a part 2 a week later with their daddy and get a part 3 this weekend with their Nani!

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New Pictures of the Girls…

Here are some new pictures from the girls. Nyla is really good with Kareena and is always volunteering to help with everything, from diaper changes to feeding her. It’s always “Can I do it?”

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Nani makes Kareena laugh

Only Nani can make Kareena laugh like this so consistently!

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Good morning!

Here is a picture of the girls this morning! They both are in such a good mood this AM.

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