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More France pictures

Here are a couple more pictures from our trip to France. The first is of Priya and me standing in front of Roussillon. The next one is of the French flag with the Eiffel Tower in the background. This one is of the French flag with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Kristi snapped this […]

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Pictures from France

I promised some pictures from France, so here are a couple. The first of of myself and Priya standing in front of an aquaduct built by the Romans in Provence. The Pont du Gard aquaduct was built around the time of Christ in 14 BC to 15 AD. The next picture is of the Palace […]

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Back from France

I was hoping to be able to blog while I was in France and update where we went and what we did. Unfortunately, I didn’t have internet access as often as I thought I would. I will try to update the blog with a summary of where we went and what we did on each […]

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Hello from France

We are currently in our hotel in Paris. We’ve been on a whirl-wind tour of the city. The jet-lag hit hard but we fought through it by visiting different places around town. I will blog some more later and put some pictures up when we return. A bientot!

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