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New Home Pictures

Please visit this link to see new pictures of our home.

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The painting has started

They started painting the house today. Here is a picture of what they have done so far. The color is called Downing Straw. They should be done painting the exterior of the house soon.

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The cupola is here

The cupola has been delivered and will be put on the house soon. I took some pictures of it because this is probably as close to it as I will ever be.

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Siding is up on one side

The siding is now up on one side of the house. They also have started on some of the trim work. This work is occurring on the north side of the home. It looks like they will start on the east side and work their way to the south then the west side for all […]

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New construction pictures

A lot of work has been done since the last picture. Here is a picture from July 31st where they have started on the 2nd floor. The next week will include a lot of work in finishing the upper floor as well as installing all the windows and the roof. The next picture is a […]

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Progress Continues

They have progressed to framing now. They have framed out the basement and most of the first floor. They did all that in three days!

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Home progress

This picture is from Friday. After one day of framing it looks like they have the floor joists in.

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Ready… Set… GO!!!!

Here are some new pictures of the lot. The lumber was delivered yesterday and they are getting ready to start framing in the next day or so. I hope Carl & Graeber do a good job! I’m not sure how long the framing portion of the build will go. Here is a tune that I […]

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More construction pictures

They poured the concrete floor in the basement and the garage. Here are some pictures showing the progress. The first two pictures are of two different angles of the basement. You can see the window well that will be located on the front right portion of the house and you can also see two pipes […]

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Pictures of the lot…

I’ve got quite a few new pictures of the lot. From the time that they dug the hole to putting the footings down and pouring the foundation. The first picture is after they poured the footings and filled the area with gravel. This occurred on 6/21. This 2nd picture shows the foundation walls being held […]

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