Welcome baby Ryan!

Kareena and Nyla received a bright, healthy baby cousin. Ryan Charles Dungee was born on September 27, 2008. The girls were so excited to meet him. Below are a couple of videos of the cousins first meeting. Congratulations to Conne and Kevin on your beautiful baby boy!

Below it is Nyla holding Ryan.

Below is Kareena holding Ryan for the first time.

Some belated Kareena pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of Kareena. We will make a more of an effort to post some pictures of her. She is a very good girl and is giving Nyla, mommy, and daddy plenty of joy.

We have had plenty of visitors of late. Mimi & Papa came up for a visit this past weekend and prior to that Nani and Papi were here entertaining the kids and letting us get full nights of sleep. I can’t tell you how helpful that has been. So I will go ahead and extend the offer to Mimi, Papa, Nani, & Papi; anytime you want to come visit and let us sleep you are more than welcome.

Nyla and her baby!

Priya, Greg, Nyla, and Kareena decided to go on a walk Sunday evening after dinner. Priya put Kareena into the Baby Bjorn. Of course, Nyla wanted to carry the baby instead. Luckily Mimi had bought Nyla a doll and a Baby Bjorn of her own! She was so proud to strut down the sidewalk with her own baby!

We went for a walk down the block and back and met a few neighbors on the way. Nyla was walking and putting her blanket on her baby just like mommy. I guess this means from now on we need to have two of everything in the house. For example, when mommy put her hands in her pockets Nyla wanted to do the same thing, but she said, “Nyla got no pockets!” So mommy had to take her hand out just to distract her. I guess we need to dress her just like us too!