Amelia Island!

We are in Amelia Island this week for a little R&R. The weather is a beautiful 73F here and we are getting ready to go exploring.

Here is a picture from the balcony in our room. We haven’t been down to the beach yet, but plan on doing so soon. I wonder how cold or warm the water will be?

This is a picture of the sunrise that Priya snapped early this morning. I am going to try and get a sunrise shot tomorrow morning of the sun coming up over the horizon. With the daylight savings time change recently, the sun doesn’t rise until 7:15AM, so I should have no problem getting up in time.

We had the bell boy take this picture of us last night before we went out to dinner. We ended up going to the restaurant the Crab Trap because our first option was already closed when we got there. The food was good and we were very happy to have a meal in our bellies!