It’s Done, It’s Over, We’re Back!!!

The boards are over! We came back tonight and Priya’s boards are now officially over. It was a long two days of exams, but she made it through and we are all so proud of her.

While she was at the exam I wasted time reading and I went to see Batman Begins at the theater on Monday. I was impressed. It was much better than I expected.

Other than that the excitement for me were the meals that we had. We went to a very nice French restaurant on Saturday and an okay Italian restaurant on Sunday. Overate both times but we had a really good time.

Countdown has begun

It’s been a fun week so far, the car is in the shop and we find that we need to replace the air conditioner. When it rains it pours I guess. Good things have happened as well. Though the car is in the shop, the dealer gave us a rental because they made the mistake of doing the work before all the parts were on hand, so at least we have a car. Also, rather than having to replace the furnace and the air conditioner we only have to do the air conditioner. That makes it a bit more tolerable than having to dish out for both.

By this time next week we will be all done with Boards. We get our wife back so to speak. We head off to Chicago for the boards this weekend. I think I’ll use the time to relax while Priya works her tail off.

Zoo Revisted: Part 2

Kristi sent me some pictures that she took from our visit to the zoo. The first picture is a really cute one of Nyla. She had a lot of fun that day, walking and crawling all over the place.

It was really hot out that day, the gauge in the car was reading 97F when we got to the car. So before we made the trip back to the car we indulged in a little ice cream.

Note that the time from the first picture below to the second was about 5 seconds. She loved the ice cream! 🙂


The chest hurts more than I thought it would. Could be a cracked rib but I doubt it and there’s not much you can do for that anyway. Hopefully it will feel better by the time Thursday’s game rolls around.

I’ll change topics now and it looks like the Colts will have a pretty good year as long as no one gets hurt. Can the defense finally come through and stop someone? As a side note, I found a fellow Colts fan that I can complain to now. We live in Milwaukee, but interestingly all our neighbors are non-Packer fans. We’ve got a Bengals fan, a Vikings fan, and a Browns fan. Good thing too, all we hear about around here is Packers, Packers, Packers. Around here they have a tough time realizing that the team just isn’t that good.


I play in a basketball league on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the over 30 crowd. Why is it that everytime I play I get hurt? One week it’s the pinky that is swelling up like a balloon, the next it’s a bruised thigh? This week it’s a bruised chest. My own fault too. I go to set a pick for the guy with the ball right at the same time he drives to the lane. In my youth I may have been able to get out of the way, instead he lowers his shoulder and drives right through me. Ouch! Priya tells me that she likes me playing and trying to get some exercise, but that I need to stop hurting myself.

Anyway, we took the car in to get it repaired from the neighbor that backed into it. We should get it back on Thursday. The damage wasn’t too bad and we weren’t as upset as I would have thought we would be. So I’ll be without a car for the next couple of days while it is getting fixed.

This weekend I’m heading to the Wizard convention in Chicago. It should be a great gathering of geekdom. I’ll post a report of the convention after it happens.

Zoo time!

Nyla made her second visit to the Milwaukee Zoo this past weekend. Aunt Kristi and Uncle Chris came along and Nyla really enjoyed the primate exhibit, especially the spider-monkey that was swinging hand-to-tail across the cage.

She really is starting to walk more on her own now as well, taking multple steps without prompting. Very exciting, yet scary as well, knowing that walking means chasing and falling down!