I play in a basketball league on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the over 30 crowd. Why is it that everytime I play I get hurt? One week it’s the pinky that is swelling up like a balloon, the next it’s a bruised thigh? This week it’s a bruised chest. My own fault too. I go to set a pick for the guy with the ball right at the same time he drives to the lane. In my youth I may have been able to get out of the way, instead he lowers his shoulder and drives right through me. Ouch! Priya tells me that she likes me playing and trying to get some exercise, but that I need to stop hurting myself.

Anyway, we took the car in to get it repaired from the neighbor that backed into it. We should get it back on Thursday. The damage wasn’t too bad and we weren’t as upset as I would have thought we would be. So I’ll be without a car for the next couple of days while it is getting fixed.

This weekend I’m heading to the Wizard convention in Chicago. It should be a great gathering of geekdom. I’ll post a report of the convention after it happens.

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