Pictures from France

I promised some pictures from France, so here are a couple. The first of of myself and Priya standing in front of an aquaduct built by the Romans in Provence. The Pont du Gard aquaduct was built around the time of Christ in 14 BC to 15 AD.

The next picture is of the Palace of the Popes in Avignon. The popes moved from Rome in the 14th century when a disagreement between the current Pope and the French king led to the French king electing a new French Pope. We stayed in a hotel directly across from this palace. Every morning when we walked out the front door this is what we saw.

The final picture is of the village of Roussillon. This village is famous for its dyes which are derived from the colorful soil in the area.

We have more pictures from Paris that I will add soon. I also will try to post some pictures of Nyla at the pumpkin patch today.

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