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I just think this is so funny….

Sunday April 19th, 2009 in Videos | 1 Comment »

In the news…

My in-laws are in the news. Local Channel 8 News Story

Saturday November 29th, 2008 in Videos | No Comments »

Welcome baby Ryan!

Kareena and Nyla received a bright, healthy baby cousin. Ryan Charles Dungee was born on September 27, 2008. The girls were so excited to meet him. Below are a couple of videos of the cousins first meeting. Congratulations to Conne and Kevin on your beautiful baby boy! Below it is Nyla holding Ryan. Below is […]

Thursday October 2nd, 2008 in Blog Blathering, Videos | 1 Comment »

Funny YouTube Video

For those of you know my hobbies I thought this was funny (also for those of you that don’t know too!).

Saturday July 14th, 2007 in Videos | No Comments »

Life at the Beach

I thought Nyla would like to see and hear the ocean so she can see what mommy and daddy are doing.

Thursday March 15th, 2007 in Videos | No Comments »

Priya Searching for Seashells…

Here is Priya searching for seashells down by the seashore to bring back for Nyla.

Thursday March 15th, 2007 in Videos | No Comments »

Thank You Deede!

Nyla wanted to thank you for your Christmas gift personally.

Sunday February 11th, 2007 in Videos | No Comments »

Nani makes Kareena laugh

Only Nani can make Kareena laugh like this so consistently!

Sunday December 3rd, 2006 in Videos | No Comments »

What happens when you mix Mimi, Nyla, and water?

Fun! Mimi was making Nyla laugh so hard when they played in the water. They had such a great time playing in the water they didn’t even notice how cold the water was!

Saturday August 19th, 2006 in Blog Blathering, Videos | No Comments »